Our Services

Our services include:

Office Lease

  • Office Lease – using our office on Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly basis

Office hours from Monday to Friday from 8.30am – 6pm

  • Briefing Sessions / Info Sessions/ Press Conference
  • Networking Events/ Cocktail Parties

Catering for Briefing Sessions/ Info Sessions/ Press Conference/ Networking Events/ Cocktail Parties 

  • Car Rentals/ Security Services – Partners / Referral
  • Custom/ Immigration Services – Partners / Referral
  • Bank Services/ Account Opening – Partner / Referral
  • Forex Services – Partners / Referral
  • Insurance Services – Partners / Referral
  • Legal/ Tax Services/ Starting the Business – Partners / Referral
  • Market Research in Nigeria and European Union – Partner / Referral
  • Travel Logistic Services (Airlines Tickets Booking, Insurance Services, Car Hire, Hotel Booking, Immigration Assistance) – Partners / Referral


  • Trade Fairs
  • Set up B2B & introduction meetings using our network in Nigeria and Europe
  • Credit Check & Report
  • Company Check
  • Check Individuals (PIVR)
  • Providing Member Details
  • Providing Letters of Introduction
  • Providing Letters of Recommendation
  • Networking Events
  • Events with high profile speakers and  Government officials
  • International Trade Missions/Delegations
  • Events with Members only
  • Events with Members and other Associations
  • Networking Breakfasts and Lunches

Business Support

  • Sourcing on request
  • Calls to Tender/Invitations to Participate
  • Market Info and Advisory
  • Product Suppliers Search
  • Product Search in Nigeria
  • Product Search in Europe
  • General Trade and Regulatory Advice (e.g. Export, Import, Banned products)
  • Sharing presentations from events
  • Professional Service Providers
  • Fact Finding
  • Help doing business in Nigeria (Protocol, Logistics, Office/Home search, setting up meetings)
  • Dual Vocational Training
  • Newsletter
  • Advertorials
  • Advert placement
  • Creating Business Opportunities
  • Discussions and Strategy Planning


We guide all our members with information about travel in Nigeria and Belgium.

For the Belgians visiting Nigeria we help them with all needed logistics and hotel reservations. Where needed we also book all their appointments.

As for the Nigerian companies and businessmen, we advise them on whom to visit, when to visit; and help them with all issues related to their travel.

While visa requests have to be handled by each company/each person themselves, we can assist with:

  • Visa Advisory Services
  • Telephone Advisory
  • Booking Appointments
  • Document  Verification/Support
  • Visa, Hotel & Logistics co-ordination
  • Travel Insurance by our partner Cornerstone Insurance Company                                                            
  • Cornerstone Insurance is a member of the Chamber and we are pleased to inform you that *Nigerian Belgian Chamber of Commerce* is now created on Cornerstone’s E-Channel’s *Partner Portal* - an online platform where our members as well as contacts can easily apply and get a travel insurance. Feel free to subscribe through this link:


    When you click on the website link you will be able to do the following:

    • Get Instant Travel Insurance
    • Complete a transaction from end to end and generate certificate (24/7 access to the online platform).

    If you have any questions about or need further information, please feel free to contact Cornerstone directly at ecare@cornerstone.com.ng or by phone at 08025560631 or 08106000800.




Our Services

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