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Who is Management Centre Europe?

Management Centre Europe (MCE), as part of AMA Global, provides International Management Development in Europe, Middle East and Africa. We help companies implement their corporate, company or department strategies by making sure their people have the right skills and behaviours to implement the strategy. We support more than 1,000 companies and organizations and over 10,000 managers and leaders each year through our Open Training Programmes and our Customized In-Company Learning Solutions.

MCE’s solutions cover the three key areas of leadership, management and business skills and our Senior Associates are all experienced business people from diverse industries including pharmaceutical, telecommunications, banking, manufacturing, oil and gas and more. MCE has been in the EMEA region for over 55 years and our team of more than 200 Learning and Development professionals focuses each day on supporting you to implement your corporate strategy at individual, team and organizational levels.

Some Key Facts about MCE

  • 400,000 participants on MCE Programmes since 1961.
  • Participants from more than 95 countries.
  • 50 Open Training Programmes throughout Africa, Europe and the Middle East.
  • 6,500 Customized Learning Solutions delivered in more than 94 countries.
  • Clients in Africa include: Nigerian Breweries, World Food Programme, Coca Cola and BAT and participants come from many countries including Nigeria, Kenya, Côte d'Ivoire, Mali, Chad, Benin, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea and others.  

International Management Development Services

Open Training Programmes: 50+ training programmes delivered in key cities throughout the EMEA region including London, Paris, Brussels, Madrid, Berlin, Copenhagen and now also in key African cities. The programmes cover the three areas of Leadership, Management and Business Skills. Top selling programmes include: the 5-Day Mini MBA, MCE’s Advanced Leadership Programme, Managing People in and International Environment, Successful Project Management, Developing Personal Influence and Impact and many more.

Customized In-Company Programmes: MCE works with 100’s of companies every year, to develop specific learning programmes for their managers to support their strategies. With an international team of Regional Managers and Senior Associates with industry experience based throughout the EMEA region, we work closely with you to define your solution. MCE’s Senior Associate have more than 20 years of senior management experience in international companies and in industries including oil and gas, banking, telecommunications, pharmaceutical and more.


Welcome to Fairhills Limited

Fairhills Limited is a service company which assists individuals and corporate clients settle their translated employees and families into a new environment as efficient and non-traumatic as possible.

This gives employees to settle down in unfamiliar city much quicker, resulting in a more efficient and effective employee in a shorter time.

Benefits to employer is an outsourced management of relocation with speed where the expatriate becomes effective in his new conditions.  Fairhills assists new arrivals to overcome any frustrations or problems in relocating to Lagos.

Preparation prior to travel

The assignee will complete a needs analysis questionnaire and based on this our team will prepare an itinerary for the pending visit.     Research areas highlighted in the Needs questionnaire to ensure services offered are given to the family and client prior to their departure from their country.  The itinerary will include all criteria specified in the needs analysis questionnaire and provide a level of flexibility for the client and family to request if changes are needed.

Preview trip

Our team will accompany the client on a personalized preview trip if needed.  The idea is to familiarize them with work environment, local living conditions, visit residential neighbourhoods, schools (if required), so this will include viewing houses or apartments and schools which match their criteria in questionnaire

Property Services

The services range from temporary accommodation, short term accommodation as well as long term property searches.  It can also include purchase of property if needed.  The services aim to ensure its done in accordance with Needs questionnaire and areas viewed suit specified needs.  We will assist in identifying a new home, advising and ensuring lease is signed, deposit is paid and that inventory with photographs for records purposes.

Settling in Services

This service is to climatize clients with Lagos and to familiarize them with local facilities such as shopping malls, markets, medical facilities, gyms, etc.   Our terms will advise on day to day issues, travelling times, traffic routes, precautions and we can also assist in opening bank accounts and registering with company for utility services (internet)

Departure Package

Our team will advise the client on relevant documentation required by parties from Lagos.  We will get the return of deposits with regards to the rental property.  Through use of the property inventory, we will assist the assignee to avoid any possible legal claims over the condition of the rental property, with other services including utility disconnections.

Educational Requirements

We help the client also deal with educational institutions to assist with the relevant paperwork needed for the children; from a full school search to admission registration, uniforms purchase.


Andersen Tax - Who we are

Andersen Tax is an independent tax firm with a worldwide presence through the member firms and collaborating firms of Andersen Global.

The firm consists of professionals with many years of experience in taxation and transactional services both at local and international levels. We pride ourselves in using the highest professional standards and expertise to provide timely services, which are cost effective to all our clients. As an independent firm, we do not face the conficts of interest that may arise with an audit practice.

Our platform allows us to objectively provide best-in-class services and comprehensive solutions to our clients using the highest ethical and professional standards. Our brand is built on local and international tax expertise.

Our Core Values

  • Best-In-Class

We aim to be the benchmark for quality in our industry and the standard by which other firms are measured.

  • Stewardship

We hire the best and the brightest and we invest in our people to ensure that legacy.

  • Independence

Our platform allows us to objectively serve as our client's advocate; the only advice and solutions we offer are those that are in the best interest of our client.

  • Seamless

Our firm is constructed as a global firm. We share an interest in providing the highest level of client services regardless of location.

  • Transparency

We value open communication, information sharing and inclusive decision making.

Our Service Offerings

Tax Advisory and Regulatory Services

Oil, Gas and Power

Commercial Practice

Transfer Pricing

Private Clients and Family Wealth


About SMT - Historical

Established in 1991 in Belgium, SMT today provides a broad range of advanced products, services and solutions for the transport and infrastructure sectors across Europe and Africa. Reinforced by the operational agility of its dedicated sales and service network, SMT works in partnership with its customers, delivering value to improve their performance and support their growth. 

Who we are?

SMT is a premium distributor and aftersales partner for the equipment and transport industry. At SMT, we place our customers at the heart of everything we do, building long term partnerships that you can rely on to support your growth. 


We create value by providing sustainable and integrated solutions for the heavy equipment and transport industries across Europe and Africa.


We are the partner of choice for our customers throughout the lifetime of their equipment.
We are a great place to work at with highly skilled teams that are inspired and dedicated to helping our customers succeed.
We are the industry leader with state-of-the-art products and services that maximizing the benefits for all stakeholders.


Our core values go further than applicable laws and regulations and are the benchmark for our actions, while together constituting the culture of our company.


  • We continuously strive to deliver results and sustainable solutions
  • We are passionate, committed and determined
  • We pursue innovation, growth and learning


  • We dare to take initiatives and decisions
  • We are empowered and accountable
  • We stimulate and drive change


  • We treat everyone with respect, trust each other and deliver what we promise
  • We value the background, knowledge and talents of all of our employees
  • We embrace diversity in ethnicity, culture, personal values and lifestyles

Health, safety & environment

SMT is fully committed to ensuring that the health, safety and general welfare of all our employees and all those that we interact with. We strive to implement best practice solutions and continually improve the systems we have in place.



In a bid to face the challenges of food which is one and the prominent necessities of life, Sunidow Merit Ventures Limited is showing the way farward with highly productive and sustainable animal husbandry operations and has been in operation since 2007.


Primarily and presently, we are concerned with the production and sales of poultry products; we are into Poultry farming, Supply of poultry equipment, Poultry feeds, frozen fresh Chicken, day old Chicks, Table eggs etc. We also produce a great number of Catfish, Fingerlings and Tilapia; Construction of Fish Ponds. Consultancy and Training on Animal Husbandry


  • Production is not complete until a standard product get to the final consumer with satisfaction.
  • We relate our company with our customers.
  • We satisfy them to the state of satiety.
  • Our customers serve as external publics to be treated as King and Queens.
  • We meet the needs of our customers in order for them to have confidence in our products and our company
  • We adopt the method of USP (Unique Selling Point) in order to satisfy our teeming customers since our business is highly competitive.
  • We carry our products to the door step of our customers promptly at affordable price.
  • We also help our customers to solve their corporate problems.
  • We give professional advice to our custonmers. We have customers thoughtout the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  • We pay all our suppliers immediately they supply goods to our company.
  • We adopt the method of sales promotion and advertising to promote our products.
  • We utilize every strategic window to beat our competitors.
  • We adopt the method of management by objectives (MBO) to achieve our aims and objectives.



Maxesther Merit Ventures Limited is a first class company that is into importation and distribution of imported goods locally manufactured goods commenced in June, 2015 and registered as a limited liability company under the companies and Allied Matters Act, 1990 Part A.

The company maximally adopted the process of advertising, sales promotion, unique selling point in the distribution of imported and locally manufactured goods. Some of the imported and locally manufactured goods are: Testile materials and electronic products, foot wears, genuine motor spare parts and accessories, used and new motors, computer and accessories, road transportation and haulage services.


We are into the business of importation and exportation of textile materials, distribution of imported and locally manufactured goods. Some of the imported and locally manufactured goods are: Testile material, electrical and electronic products, foot wear, genuine motor spare parts and accessories used and new motors, computer and accessories, road transportation and haulage services.


  • Importation of goods from oversea countries.
  • We also buy locally manufactured goods for distribution.
  • We carry the goods to the door step of our customers for those who are unable to come to our office/store.
  • We avise our customers professionally.
  • We import and distribute first class goods.
  • We normally embark on sales promotion and advertising.
  • We offer sales discount to our customers.
  • We render after sales service to our customers.
  • Allour works are on a management function in order to solve our customers problems.
  • We give award to our best customers annually in order to motivate them to continue with our company since we are surrounded by myriads of competitors.
  • At Maxesther Merit Ventures Limited all our customers are King and Queens.



Agriculture is the main stay of Nigeria Economy. No food no life; The company started operations in the year 2006 as a business name and later upgraded to Limited Liability Company in 2014


We are into manufacturing and distribution of Agrochemicals and Industrial Chemicals. We also Import agrochemicals and Industrial chemicals from oversea countries. We are aslo into general contracts and distribution of general goods.


  • We supply goods to the doorstep of our customers.
  • We allowed our customers to ask questions and we answer their questions satisfactorily.
  • We solve our customer's problems.
  • We give professional advise to our customers
  • We make good customer relations a priority
  • We give discount to our customers.
  • We make our teeming customers happy
  • We ordered new products from overseas on our Trade Marks
  • We embark on advertising and sales promotion from time to time.



Visionscape Sanitation Solutions is a leading waste management company providing turnkey solutions in area of integrated waste management in the communities in which we operate. With the expertise of our highly-experienced team, we are reinventing the very nature of waste management by utilising cuttingedge technology and tools to address the waste management needs of large cities, commercial, residential, industrial, and healthcare clients. At Visionscape, our focus is an integrated waste management system that maximises the unique opportunity of generating sustainable and renewable energy resources, while making a positive impact that is beneficial to our customers, the communities we serve, and the environment.


To provide reliable, sustainable and high valued essential environmental solutions to our clients with a deep commitment to protecting and preserving the Earth.


To be the leading environmental utility group across emerging markets.


At Visionscape, our focus is an integrated waste management system that maximizes the unique opportunity of generating sustainable and renewable energy resources while making a positive impact that is beneficial to our customers, the communities we serve and the environment.


We serve municipalities, industrial and commercial clients.


  • Servicing Commercial & Residential Clients
  • Landfill Design & Management
  • Waste-to-Energy Projects
  • Build & Maintenance of Transfer Loading Stations and Material Recovery Facilities
  • Drainage Management & Marine Waste Management


We deliver resource efficiency tailored to the unique requirements of our clients and stakeholders of over 19,585,200 residential customers.

Corporate Social Responsibility across 14 countries.

An operational team of over 29,415 employees.

Pipeline of waste to energy (WTE) projects generating up to 45 mw of electricity.

Our fleet includes collection and disposal vehicles, support and utility vehicles and heavy equipment.

Recycling capability of up to 45,000 tonnes a year.

       GLASS "R" US


Our success is based on three factors:

  • An interactive and quality team whose members contribute with their experince to achieve our goals.
  • Modem and state-of-the-art machines and equipment to satisfy our clients needs by providing innovative and fully integrated solution.
  • Rigorous plans and strategies in project management that answer our clients'demands in both architectural glazing

Our clients are treated like kings who merit our full attention. For this reason we put special efforts into providing them with the latest innovations and we do our best to ensure the best services that meet their requirements


Anyone can make glass. But when you recieve special orders that regquire high-precision architectural glass for complex projects, you need a specialist who can understand the details of your unique design and who is willing to employ quality workmanship in order to ensure an integrated solution delivered on time with high perfection. A privately-owned company, based in Lagos-Nigeria, Glass R Us is a leading Topnotch in High-Precision, Extra-Skilled glass fabrication company.

Thanks to the leading-edge technology and the state-of-thr-art equipment made available in Nigeria, we are proud to be the fabricators of the most advanced commercial and residental glass, in fact, our CNC machining, Tempering, Laminating and Insulating equipment can meet the neeeds of the market's demands and requirements for widths and length. Our glass can be used in many architectural glass applications including office buildings, hotles, condominium, casinos, restaurants, hospitals, schools libraries, museums, all-glass doors and entrances, swing doors, sliding doors, shower doors, canopies, handrails, skylights and shopping malls to enhance a building's beauty and utility.

What's more, our compliance to Industry standards, as well as our keenness on regular staff training and the ongoing improvement of our processes mean that you can rely on us to provide you with the best quality of solutions - the way you want them, whenever you need then.


"Glass R US" provides assistance to owers, architects and contractors in system design and applications. This service is offered for glazing and aluminium panel system, as well as for the selection of door hardware of specific functionality and interface with security systems and automatic operators.

We are highly skilled in the installation of various exterior systems including Curtain Walls, Storefronts, Sunshades, Structural Glass System, and Aluminum Panels.

We supply and install speciality glazing including Art Glass, Acrylic Panels, Coloured and Special Art-Designed Glass.

Even though our work is carried out in Lagos, Nigeria, we also deliver our expertise and top-of-the-line products to all of the Regions in Nigeria and the neighboring countries for special occasions.



Twelve Twelve Global Investment Limited registered 2nd day of March, 2010 in Nigeria as a private limited liability company under the corporate Affairs Commision. And commences business immediately with high quality Egg Factory in Isiu Town, around Ikorodu area in Lagos State. After some years of operation, we entered in to small scale white meat production and crop farming for local consumption.

Following our trade and marketing knowledge around the area we move into farm product and farm waste e.g. Maize, Soya Beans and Rice meal, palm Kernel (PKC) respectively. However, due to inflation and closing down of factories in Nigeria in 2016/2017, we had to re-strategies for alternative business ideas, which later gave birth to Exportation of non-oil produce.

The Directors of the company are Mr. Alimi Olugbenga Benjamin and Mrs. Alimi Ifedolapo Christiana with 350,000 and 250,000 shares respectively. and both live in 1 with Okinbaloye Street, Itamaga, Ikorodu, Lagos, Other Executives are Mr. Okunowo Sesan and Miss. Alimi Deborah Tawa

Mr. Alimi Olugbenga Benjamin is the Principal Managing Partner, had a B.A. in Mass Communication/History from Bayero Universitiy Kano in 2000/2001. worke with national Gallery of Art in 2004, as a research office; joined Beyond 360 Degree as Creative and media director in 2005.

At present, we plant and trade agro-allied products which include Bitter Kola, Charcoal, Hibiscus, Eggs, Ginger, Cashew Nut, Walnuts, and Sesame. So far, we have exported to Germany and USA, Charcoal and Bitter Kola respectively.


As and agro-allied producer and suplier we work hard to offer a total service, from formulating needs of customers to delivery. The purchase are further consolidated by our network of local contact at loading and discharging ports. Doing our best to serve the client lets us go extra mile. This means, for example finding bespoke products specifications.

2018 is shaping up to be another potentially great year for us with Agribusiness United maintaining committing where consistency and continuity are to be expected; we would advise current and future customers to watch the announcements on the way. Most of all, we look farward to working with you in the near future! 

Our prices are compitative and negociable if possible. Just Keep the business with us.


We continue to deliver values and the quality we have promised, not just on the products but in our business relationship which we believe will continue to set us apart in our industry. In the past we relish the challenges of satisfying the unending needs of our consumers, we look farward to the challenges ahead in our redefined focus where customers are the 'KING'.


Soulmate products are instantly recognizable with its bold and proud logos leading the face of all products. Bear witness to insatiable curiosity of a cosmetics manufacturer who imposed his distinctive admiration of quality on all his productions. Always in pace with changing trends, Soulmate have reinvented the business through a series of sucessful market leaders. The products are designed and created in the Soulmate industries laboratories with technical mastery.

From the Relaxers to hair creams and body cremes, Soulmate products are created in the finest cosmetics tradition with noblest of materials. According to the founder, ''To be able to build anything based on values and integrity and still remain sucessful.''


Our mission is to be dedicated to researching and developing high quality and effective products that contribute to restoring and maintainning the hair's health and beauty. With much understanding of the importance of healthy hair, Soulmate range of hair products are uniquely formulated to promote, restore and maintain your hair for a more beautiful you.


Deriving from its culture, the company keeps striving to focus its creative energy in maintainning ''product formulation that appeals to all sense organs; good quality products and service sustained with high innovative factors and strategic planning''.



R = Resilience,  I = Integrity,  C = Consistency,  H = Humility



M.J. SAID & SONS NIG LTD. is an indigenous company and registered in year 2002. With over a decade of experience in various sectors of the economy, the company was able to expand into mining and import of various testile products.


Being experienced in agricultural produce with a particular emphasis on sesame seed, ginger, hibiscus and gum arabic. We are into Mining Sector for some time and this include gold, lead and zinc. A plan to expand to cover other mining products is underway. In Texile Sector, we were able to import some products from China over the years. The company has acquired a 1.6sq km site of gold mine and a site of lead and zinc at Bauchi State covering about 1sq km.


M.J. SAID & Sons Nigeria Ltd is an indigenous company with international business focus. The company has through its staff, a wealth of experience in import, export and mining. In order to strenghten its economy and beyond, it has various units each headed by a qualified professional, each benefiting from dynamic association. The operations of the company was expanded to cover gold mining in Shanono Local Government (70 Km from Kano) as a starting point. Extraction (operations) have already started with a good result. We wish to express our interest for your participation in either of the following options:-

1. Lease

2. Joint Venture Partnership

3. Transfer of the Title

The normal duration of the license is 5 years, renewable every 5 years, three time (15 years) you may wish to see the details on the license. You may wish to contact us for further discussion and clarification. We are ready to meet you at any place or country you choose.



In a world facing the challenges of food shortage Agrocraft Nigeria Limited is showing the way forward with highly productive and sustainable farming operations.

Agrocraft has been in the agro-allied industry operating for over 7 years in Nigeria. Strategically positioned to meet the ever growing world food challenges. We employ international standard methods and up to date equipments to grow and rear our products for a healthy market.

Our key products are harvest from our 1200 hectare farmland, which include crops like soyabeans and maize, it also houses our ultra modern poultry farm (with over 100,000 birds), sh farm (over 250,000 catsh), hatchery and ‘state of the art’ poultry processing plant with the capacity of up 1000 chickens a day. Our proximity to Nigeria’s capital city is Strategic to business and we invite your patronage and partnership in end hunger in African.


Presently we are concerned with the production and sales/marketing of Agricultural produce, Animal Protein products, Animal Feeds as well as imbibing our knowledge and expertise into our services for the mutual benet of our establishment and our esteem clienteles. We produce the most giant and highest catsh and tilapia volume in Nigeria, Frozen fresh Chicken, Table Eggs, Day old chicks, Fish ngerlings.


Agrocraft, customer relationship in very vital and critical to us because "No buyers, No seller" and there will be nothing to produce, all we produce and sell are at a very competitive price and a commensurate discount for our customers to grow. We also transport products to our customer as prompt as possible in good condition at a reasonable cost. We are also comfortable in moving our products round the country and beyond. We just don't serve our customers but we always appreciate feed back from the customer and prompt follow-up is always provided so that continuity and a better result is achieved. We also have retailing outlets to get our products to every corners of the country and become a household name in Nigeria. Selective credit facility within a reasonable time frame is offered to some selective customers.


Our farm serves as a model of sustainable, organic agriculture & appropriate land stewardship. We will provide opportunities to participate in responsible environmental leadership, growing organic food, & fostering a sense of community, while working together & enjoying nature.


To provide the leadership, innovation and create environment for sustainable and protable agro-production.


Through mechanized organic farming, local agriculture and community programs, Agrocraft protects our food, environment and community. Organic farming emphasizes the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to enhance environmental quality for the future. Local agriculture assures a food system that is safe, affordable and accessible by providing vegetables and herbs at their peak of avor and nutritional value. Community programs help build the relationships, trust and interdependence needed for strong communities.


Who We Are

Development Africa is a charity and international non-governmental organization working across Nigeria to foster sustainable development in various sectors, with a primary
focus on healthcare and education. Since 1998, and across Nigeria’s six geopolitical zones, it has established a variety of
programmes and tools to facilitate positive transformation—including medical facilities, healthcare intervention programmes, women empowerment initiatives, malaria elimination programmes, and educational development, among others.
Development Africa collaborates with various private and public organizations to achieve its goals and objectives.

Community Healthcare Intervention

The United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights* stipulates that access to adequate healthcare is an inalienable human right for every person. Development Africa’s Community Healthcare Intervention programme targets various healthcare strategies by bringing free, quality healthcare services directly to communities. With the participation of a large team of medical professionals, the programme organises free medical treatment for community members over a period of time at a target location.


Teacher Training: Increasing access to various learning opportunities and improving delivery methods are two of Development Africa’s key objectives. High-quality and effective teaching is vital to student success. Development Africa implements various training tools and curriculums to enhance the skills needed to become an effective teacher, reach a larger audience, and inspire students. The training lectures are interactive sessions with groups of teachers who learn new teaching techniques, discuss alternative educational methods, and review acceptable practices. Fresh insights on the part of the teacher are positively received in the classroom, and with better tools and strategies at their disposal, teachers are able to communicate and connect with students more effectively, promoting a productive and dynamic learning environment.

Renewable Resources

Development Africa has identified various renewable resources and sustainability strategies that can be adapted to development initiatives. Over the last four years, Development Africa has provided numerous primary healthcare centres and hospitals across the country with solar-powered electric systems and water heaters, and energy efficient LED lights and medical equipment. Energy sources that are sustainable and dependable are of vital importance for medical centres aiming to provide consistent and effective treatment. Through this initiative, Development Africa provides these facilities with an alternative to the often unreliable power grid and the high cost of generators, allowing for better and more efficient care of patients.

“There can be no sustainable development without sustainable energy development.”
—Margot Wallstrom, European Union Environmental Commissioner (2004

Orphanage and Community Support

Development Africa supports orphanages across Nigeria by collaborating with their existing programmes, creating events for the children, improving infrastructures, and establishing income-generating initiatives. The annual events for orphanages and low-income families provide necessary distraction and entertainment for the children. These large-scale events include theme park rides, excursions, games, presents, meals for the children, and other activities. Most importantly, they provide children who have often experienced hardship and trauma with positive reference points that can help bolster their emotional well-being. To help community organizations thrive, Development Africa researches and explores cost-effective business models that can be implemented at grassroots level to generate an income, with minimal need for expertise and administration. Income-generation initiatives for orphanages have included the development of basic poultry farms and bakery shops which can be effectively maintained, while providing
a sustainable source of revenue to be invested into the care of the children.



Our capabilities

  • We are a specialist business transformation consulting firm
  • We assist businesses and organizations with strategic planning, operating model design, implementation, and performance management
  • We work closely with our clients to define their business objectives and ambitions, identify and prioritize improvement and transformation opportunities, and structure and execute on agreed initiatives and projects
  • We bring foresight and experience, deep and cross-functional expertise, and a practical approach – accelerating time to value and maximizing ROI on transformation investments

Our consultants’ experience and expertise have been acquired working within the top global consulting firms and leading corporate and public-sector organizations

Our ethos

  • Our name is inspired by the ongoing and relentless convergence of industries, markets and customers being driven by technological disruption

We also believe strategy and digital have now become converged capabilities – which demands you no longer think in terms of a digital strategy, but in terms of a business strategy for a new digital age

Our services

  • Strategic planning - Feasibility studies, Market entry studies, Financial planning and modelling and Operations start up
  • Operating model design – Organization structure design, Processes and Systems design and implementation)
  • Implementation support - Program and project management, Risk and Issues mitigation and Vendor selection and management

Benefits realization – Benefits tracking, Performance reporting and Performance improvement interventions


DEM Group is the official Hitachi Construction Machinery, John Deere Construction & Forestry, and Wirtgen Group distributor for North, West and Central Africa.

As official dealer for premium manufacturers in more than 20 countries in Africa, we have invested in a direct network to fulfil our commitments to our partners. The reliability and efficiency of our branches’ parts and service support drive us to be recognized as a future market leader.

The distribution of premium machines and equipment for Construction, Mining & Quarry industries in Africa is a demanding work. But it is also our Passion. This Passion drives us to consider our Customers as Partners and to deliver them a five stars experience through our network of 13 affiliates.

Our reliable and autonomous network of subsidiaries are directed by professionals recognized for their knowledge of the Customer and their operating constraints. Local teams are well-trained and responsive through light and agile operational structures in particular through appropriate workshops equipment (well-equipped response vehicles). We can say that our top asset lies in the competence of personnel who builds the company every day.

DEM Nigeria is operating since 2013

Established in Lagos, DEM Nigeria is representing all the premium brands distributed by the Group. Many customers have approved the reliability and the strength of Hitachi and John Deere Equipment. Our local team is working hard to make the difference in every field, quality of the machine, efficiency of the after sales service, and that attitude pleases all our customers.

Address: 123 Louis Solomon Close, Off Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos

Expertise in Construction and Quarry

Thanks to its premium full model range combined with expert team support, DEM Group is creating a new performance reference in Africa. No more talking about the past, the future is all about technology and adaptability.Our machines are specifically built for AFRICA as per DEM Group’s recommendation based on the user’s application.

By locating DEM Group i.e. DEM Nigeria mobile technical teams close to the job site, the mandatory understanding of the application is possible thereby ensuring that reliable machines match the true working conditions. Service support is provided with all machinery supplies in order to guarantee the fulfilment of your contract and optimisation of your operating costs through minimised downtime.

Perfectly sized for many years of operation, our OEMs have proven field experience so that contractors can focus on their core business and feel comfortable with their machinery availability. Customizing machines to fit specific needs is in our company genetics, creativity gives ideas beyond market standards.

DEMGroup tailors its services panelto all your requirements

Due to the challenging environment in Africa and its remote operating locations, the DEM Group Service Network focusses on on-site support. Our Service Network comprises an OEM trained workforce, enabling us to offer skilled and responsive assistance. Our branches provide full troubleshooting & repair as well as training assistance for operators and service and a range of tailor-made support contracts.

In our industry, time is crucial. DEM Group/DEM Nigeria commit to the highest performance with regards to parts delivery. The experienced parts team focusses on your machine population so that they can adapt the local inventory to the best possible level.



Caverton Offshore Support Group Plc. (COSG) is a foremost indigenous offshore logistics services provider in Nigeria. The Group, which was incorporated as a limited liability company in 2008, operates two subsidiaries namely Caverton Helicopters Limited and Caverton Marine Limited. Both companies have positively responded to the Nigerian Government's 'Local Content Act' , which is aimed at substantially increasing indigenous participation in the local oil and gas industry. With this COSG has positioned itself as one of the leading indigenous oilfield services companies in Nigeria. In 2014, the Board of Directors and Shareholders took a strategic decision to list the company on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) as part of a wider vision to take the company to the next level. The listing by introduction was successful and on the 20th May 2014, COSG became the only listed offshore support logistics services company on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. The Groups' commitment to the development of the local aviation and maritime industry and increase participation of indigenes is evidenced in its growth over the years. It has made immense investments across Nigeria, growing its operational bases and fleet of aircraft. COSG takes pride in putting safety and quality at the core of its business and has been rewarded for this by its growing customer base. In September 2014, Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) awarded the company the Shell 'Safety Conscious Award' recognizing its safety conscious culture. Over the years, the Group has positively impacted the socio economic development of the country through various stakeholders; clients, employees and communities alike. Its global workforce has grown remarkably; now with just below 700 employees in West Africa. With its rapidly expanding fleet of aircraft and vessels coupled with its acquisition of key offshore assets and strategic partners, the Group is able to
provide a diverse range of services to its clients ensuring their objectives are completely fulfilled, offshore to land.

Vision, Mission and Corporate Philosophy

The Group's corporate philosophy is driven by the necessity to create a company that will attain pioneer status in the ownership and operation of premium offshore oilfield assets and provision of support services for the oil and gas industry. This goal is aptly captured in the Group's vision, mission and corporate philosophy statements below:


"To provide a safe and most efficient integrated oil and gas logistics support services in Sub Saharan Africa".


"To provide reliable and efficient customer-tailored products and services for our clientele through the use of highly trained personnel aided by advanced technology and sound technical expertise, while continuously striving to maintain the highest sense of ethical standards”

Corporate Philosophy

"The Caverton Group is committed to providing the highest quality of bespoke services to its clientele. Its goal is to raise and sustain standards in providing the services it offers, while meeting the demands of stakeholders with the society and contributing meaningfully to the environment in which it operates".



GOLDSMITHS SOLICITORS is a modern full service law firm headquartered in Lagos, with extensive experience in providing first class, effective and result driven services to clients across different sectors of the Nigerian economy and in different jurisdictions across the African continent and beyond. Our services are built around the delivery of clear, accurate and commercially aligned advice. We focus on listening to our clients and on developing long-term partnering arrangements. Our approach is not simply transaction-driven it is about adding value.

We have an excellent track record of working with diverse clients in what can be a challenging and complex environment. With two offices in Nigeria and a network of local law firms across Africa, we understand the local markets and the regulatory, political and economic environments and are able to assist our clients in most countries on the continent. We can provide bespoke service either through our Nigerian offices or through our wider network of offices on the continent.

In view of geographical spread, we are well positioned to assist our clients at any of the major commercial centers of the country. We have been involved in cross-border commercial deals in Nigeria, United Kingdom, Ghana, Zambia, Kenya, Gambia, Senegal, Equatorial Guinea, South Africa, Rwanda, Cameroun and Tanzania.

The main practice areas of the firm are Intellectual Property law, Energy and Natural Resources, Corporate/Commercial, Shipping, Foreign Investment, Project and Corporate Finance, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Civil Litigation. The firm’s other practice areas include Banking and Finance, Company Restructuring, Real Estate, Immigration Law, Insurance, Reinsurance, Aviation, Information and Communication Technology Law, and Taxation.

Our team comes from diverse educational and international professional backgrounds, expertise and experience.  Our senior lawyers are all dual United Kingdom/Nigerian qualified solicitors and have practiced in both jurisdictions for an average of 20 years each. With lawyers from diverse international qualifications, expertise and experience all our clients are assured of the highest standards of professionalism and excellence at all times. We are extremely proud of our excellent reputation gained over many years of providing excellent services to our clients. We are committed to meeting and exceeding our clients' needs and high expectations. 


  • We provide a wide but cohesive structure of lawyers of excellent technical ability with diverse experiences and international backgrounds. We count on our proven expertise and track record acquired over the years and broad based transaction experience in the area of services required by the client. Ours is a unique platform that can only ensure that everything is done right.
  • We have an excellent track record of working with diverse clients in what can be a challenging and complex environment. We apply the highest degree of integrity, ethics and professionalism in all our dealings on behalf of clients.
  • Considering that the proposed assignment will be time specific, we are able to render on schedule, services that are technically sound, commercially expedient and above all, world class.


Patience Torlowei profile

Patience Torlowei an artist from Nigeria who specialised in the textile sector. She is the founder of PATIENCE PLEASE NIG. LTD. The first lingerie manufacturer in Nigeria. She has a factory that is based in Lagos. Her design label produces quality lingerie to compliment a woman’s inner beauty and self-­‐respect. In addition to this she is also an accomplished clothing designer under her Torlowei label.

Patience launched her first line in 2006 with Patience Torlowei BVBA, a bridal wear company. Within two years the brand supplying wedding and cocktail dresses to over 6 countries within Europe alone. In 2008 the company added lingerie to its offerings because of the lack wedding lingerie available to budding brides and Patience’ personal love for exquisite underwear.

With high demand coming from all over Europe for Patience Torlowei designs Patience looked to Nigeria, her home country, for production, giving back to a country fighting to join the first world. By educating young unemployed people and giving consideration to the environmental, social and corporate governance issues, we hope to create a sustainable and responsible business that yields human returns.

Founded on the ethos of nothing less than the best, Patience by Patience Torlowei items only use the finest of materials from the softest silks to the most delicate laces and embroidery.

Our company also has a conscience, she is non-­‐corrupt. By educating young unemployed people and giving consideration to the environmental, social and corporate governance issues, we hope to
create a sustainable and responsible business that yields human  returns. Our company is driven to making a name for itself and putting Nigeria on the map as Africa’s Lingerie Capital, but as a
contender in the global textile and Fashion industry.

Patience Torlowei is also the AGOA (African Growth and Opportunity Act) Consultant for NIGERIA. She was appointed to this office under the Ministry of Trade and Industry in 2011.

Patience Torlowei successfully represented the country at the 2012 London Olympics.

2013 AU (African Union) AGOA, AWEP Conference to Addis Ababa.

2013 Africando Trade conference with the Miami-­‐ Dade county free Trade Zone.

Finally, the Summer of 2014 saw a piece by Patience Torlowei, the Esther dress, officially join the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC’s permanent collection as the first piece of haute couture to have ever been accepted by the National Museum of African Art. The dress was hosted to send-­‐off receptions in Bayelsa State (hosted by the Bayelsa State Government) and in Lagos at the Metropolitan Club (hosted by Mr Akintola Williams).

 World Telecom Labs

Introducing WTL

World Telecom Labs is a leader in the provision of VoIP & SMS switches and Small-Cell solutions with a large installed base in 30+ countries in Africa. A pioneer in carrier VoIP, we have specialized in this market for over 20 years.

Products include:

  • Vivada Rural Telephony: LTE /GSM coverage, voice & data for remote sites. Includes cloud-based billing
  • VoIP to TDM: E1 and STM-1 backbone switches
  • High density Multi-Service SBC with integral Pre-Paid, IVR & Billing.
  • SMS Hub: High Performance, Cost Effective SMS Hub platform with SMPP & SS7
  • Bandwidth cost saving: Instant ROI, cuts IP bandwidth for VoIP traffic by 70%
  • Virtualised SBC & switches available for cloud-based operations

In addition to its portfolio for rural connectivity, WTL is a key VoIP player in emerging and established markets with award-winning VoIP and hybrid VoIP/TDM switches, gateways and SBCs. Handling  billions minutes of per annum, WTL has built a reputation for providing solutions which are innovative, practical and cost-effective to operators worldwide

WTL Solutions

  • VoIP to TDM switches (SIP, SIP-I, H323, ISDN and SS7 all supported).Hugely scalable from entry level 2 E1 to massively powerful multi-STM-1 backbone switches. Highly reliable, fully redundant, allow any-to-any switching of all traffic types
  • SoIP Gateway (low cost SS7 to IP signalling converter). With support for ISUP, MAP and Sigtran. More than 100 successful different SS7 interconnects.
  • Multi-Service SBC (up to 5000 calls per server) with integral switching, full Pre-Paid, Post Paid, Callback, IVR and Billing.
  • Bandwidth cost saving for VoIP using our patented NOP (Network Optimization Protocol) for any VoIP traffic. This product gives an almost instant ROI by cutting the IP bandwidth used to 30% of standard VoIP.
  • Wholesale and Carrier Exchange solutions. Very large systems can be built with millions of minutes per day and more than 200 call set-ups per second
  • Retail VoIP applications –Residential, Calling Card and PIN-less business models all supported. Pre- or Post-Paid with web portal for online customer sign-up and payments
  • Vivada Rural Telephony– Voice, SMS & data access for remote sites using small-cell technology. Backhaul via satellite or any other available medium. Includes secure, cloud-based billing and patented bandwidth reduction technology

Our Benefits

  • Flexibility is top of the list. We have a seamless “any protocol in, any protocol out” architecture which lets you switch freely between TDM & VoIP supporting all flavours of ISDN, SS7, H323, SIP, SIP-I.
  • Security: we support multiple traffic authentication methods with extensive SBC features built-in
  • Balance management: inside the switch is a real time, pre-paid application if needed. Alternatively, we can export detailed CDRs to whatever business management system you currently use.
  • Bandwidth Saving: we have a patented technique which cuts in half or thirds the bandwidth used by VoIP calls. This saves our customers a ton of money on long distance, especially satellite links and does not reduce voice quality.
  • Reliability: our reputation is for kit that never goes down no matter how hard you load it. We have been doing this for 15+ years and in that time we have debugged & perfected our core switching software.
  • Scalability: we scale from small SoftSwitches for 30 calls up to mega-switches with 8 x STM-1s and 15,000+ calls. This is done in a modular way to reduce up-front costs.
  • Switching/Routing/Number Manipulation: Again as a result of doing this for so long, we have seen most weird & wonderful things that people want to do with calls and have adapted our software to cope.


Cornerstone Insurance Plc was incorporated on the 26th July, 1991 as a private limited liability company and became a public limited liabilty company, quoted on the Nigeria Stock Exchange in 1997. The orgnisation was established to conduct  insurance business in a professional, ethical and customer-focused manner. As part of its corporate brand strategy, the company implemented a rebranding exercise in 2008 to position Cornerstone as a leader in the industry, part of which was the unveiling of the new corporate identity for the company.

The company is licensed and re-certified by the National Insurance Commission (NAICOM) to do both General and life business. The classes of Insurance business, we currently underwrite include: Motor Vehicle, Aviation, Marine, Engineering All Risks, Asset Protection, Term Assurance, Wealth Creation Products and Takeful (Islamic Insurance).

As part of our efforts to transform the industry; Cornerstone Insurance was the first company in Nigeria to offer both general and family Takeful products approved by NAICOM. The company's Authorized Share Capital and Market Capitalization is N7.5 billion and N5 billion respectively, while the Shareholder's funds is N8.045 billion as at December, 2015. The total assets of the company are in excess of N15.38 billion.

Over the years, we have received many accolades in recognition of our high level of professionalism. These include; the Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria (CIIN) Merit Award (1995), Nigeria Insurers Association (NIA) Distinguished Insurer of the Year Award (1997), NAICOM Award for Design and Development of New Products (1999), The Nigeria Stock Exchange 25th president's Merit in the Insurance Group (2002).

Our Business Scope

Cornerstone Insurance provides qualitative and professional services in all classes of insurance business namely;

  • General Insurance & Risk Management Solution
  • Personal & Group Life Assurance Solution
  • Deposit Administration & Investment Solutions

Our Vision;

To be the leading insurance-based financial services group that transforms the Industry.

Our Mission;

Delivering value beyond expectations.

Our Values;

Integrity, Empathy, Professionalism, Innovation, Team Spirit.


EtiNard Consulting Limited was established on March 8th 2017 as a Management consulting firm set to serve and work with individuals and orgaisation to ensure they attain their business and personal growth.

We consult onservice that bother onstrategy and business development, we organize and facilitate leadership and motivational traninig activities as well as conferences and seminars alike.


Our mission is to provide custom made solution to every client and ensuring they attain their business and personal excellence in and around their business world


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