Events and Activites

Activity Agenda for 2019

Thursday January 31 2019 at 10:00:00 AM / events


12th March 2019

Info session: “Introducing the Nigerian Belgian Chamber of Commerce to Start ups”


19th-23rd March 2019


Organized together with CLOSE THE GAP and The focus will be on startups and scale-ups in AI, fintech, agritech, cleantech, health tech.


17th April 2019

Breakfast Meeting in Benin City: “Business Opportunities in Edo State for Agro-Allied Companies”

Organized in collaboration with Presco and Okomu Oil Plantation. Joint event with EU Delegation visiting both plantations.



Breakfast Meeting on “Creating land for the Future” together with Dredging International Services Nigeria



Info sessions: “Access to Funds”

A minimum of 6 sessions organized consequently every week on Tuesday together with Banks and other Financial Institutions.


Breakfast Meeting in Kano “Ranching and food security”



Nigerian Real Estate Mission to Belgium. Realty in Knokke, Belgium.



Major Nigerian Art Exhibition in Antwerp, Belgium in cooperation with Bonhams Gallery.



Major Trade Mission from the Port of Antwerp to Lagos.

At least 30 companies active in the Antwerp Port will participate.